Sportsbook Payouts And Withdrawals

Welcome to our sportsbook payouts page here at that is fully dedicated to making sure you know how to get your money out of USA online sportsbooks after you win some money. As fun as betting on sports is and as many thrills as it can provide, there is a good chance that the best online sportsbooks for US residents would not drum up much business if they did not have a good means of getting the money and winnings back out to their customers. Since these websites are based overseas, pulling money out of a sportsbook account is not always as easy as a trip to the ATM, but these reputable businesses go to great lengths to make the process as easy as possible.

Since cashing out from an online sportsbook not as simple as running to the convenience store down the block, payouts will not be issued per bet, but rather stored into a member’s account that has already been set aside and deposited into to handle all bets places within the sports betting site. As the account grows from the initial deposit with winnings, withdrawals may be requested from the sportsbook at the bettor’s discretion. At this point, the sportsbook will use one of the methods listed below in order to get the money back to the player in a speedy and efficient manner.

The rest of this webpage will not only attempt to outline all of the most popular payout methods associated with online sportsbooks, but to help guide new members through the process of withdrawing from their online sportsbook.

Cashing Out From USA Online Sportsbooks In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Fill out the paperwork required to make a withdrawal such as the credit card verification form or identification verification

Step 2 - Click Cashier and then click withdrawal from the menu

Step 3 - Pick a payout method that will work for you

Step 4 - Enter the amount and verify that everything is correct such as the mailing address or bank information

Step 5 - Hit Submit!!! That is all you will have to do and your money should get to you in the specified time

Sportsbook Payout Methods Available To US Players

When it comes time to retrieve money from an online sportsbook, there are a few different options by which to do it. Each comes with its own pros and cons which is why most US sports betting sites go to great lengths to offer several options when it comes to processing payouts. Once a player analyzes all the options available to them, decides just how much money they will need to withdraw and how fast they need it, the best answer as to their preferred payout method will hopefully become apparent.

It is important to note here that receiving money from these sites is not as easy as processing a payment from traditional online marketplaces. Remember that these are foreign gaming companies, and therefore, in order to get the money back out to the player, it must go across borders and change currency a couple of times. Also, due to US federal law, it is impossible for and sportsbooks to add funds to your credit or bank card directly, even if the same card was used to fund the very same account a payout is being requested from. The good news related to this situation is that most online sportsbooks recognize the inconvenience associated with these payout methods, and will offer help accordingly by making other payout methods as easy as possible.

Below, we have taken a few moments to outline a few of the main ways to get money out of sportsbooks that welcome USA players. Let's take a look at what we'll see...

Sportsbook Payouts By Check - By far the most common way of requesting a payout from a USA sports betting site. Available across the board, online sportsbooks will gladly cut a company check or issue a money order to their members at any given time to be sent through the mail, by courier, or even overnight express. This is a convenient means of receiving money as it does not require much action on the bettor’s part, they need simply wait by the mailbox and make a trip to the bank once the check arrives.

Although this method takes the longest to reach the players, (anywhere from 15-30 business days, depending greatly on where the sportsbook is located as well as where the player lives) this is balanced out by the fact that it often incurs the lowest fee, if there is a fee at all. Bettors will also avoid the pratfalls of charges for processing their payment from third parties like Western Union or MoneyGram.

Sportsbook Payouts VIA Cash Wire Services - If a bettor needs a faster alternative for receiving winnings from their sports betting site, then cash transfer services like Western Union may present a better option. While this method may incur a higher fee than the simple act of having a check mailed out, (not to mention the third party processing charge from the rapid transfer service) the perks of this method are being able to count cash in your hand mere seconds after requesting a payout.

Withdrawing from an account in this manner will usually require some set-up time over the phone, but once a member is connected to a financial service representative, the operation should go smoothly right up until the bettor is walking away from the counter with cash in their pocket. Although there is a certain novelty to same-day payouts, it sometimes pays for a bettor to be more patient and ultimately hang on to more of their winnings.

Sportsbook Payouts via Bank Wire Transfers - Although most US sportsbooks reserve setting up a bank wire for only their biggest high-rollers, this is easily one of the most convenient and fastest payout methods available. Once a bank wire transfer is requested, all it takes is a short amount of processing time (which will vary based mostly upon what bank the bettor is using) before the money is safe and sound in the player’s account. These transactions generally take less than a week, but can take up to 10 business days in extreme circumstances.

The biggest obstacle for most players who wish to use this payout method is generally the high minimum. A bank wire payout must be at least $500 in order for the sportsbook to process it, but this is coupled with an incredibly high maximum. If a player believes their sports betting hobby can support that kind of money, a bank wire transfer may be the way to go.

Other Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods - For regular sports bettors living in the United States, there are still additional reliable means of receiving money from their sportsbook account. These include sending BitCoin payments to services that use BitCoin as a currency, reloadable retail gift cards for players who use prefer to use for the extra layer of security through anonymity, and even blank money orders that you can fill out how you wish.

If any members are having a hard time finding which payout method works best for them, they should not hesitate to contact their sportsbook over the phone. Any problems should be able to be worked out on a one-on-one basis, and if not then you should see our recommendations at the bottom of this page.

Sportsbook Payout Times

Sportsbooks with the fastest payouts have ways to get their players money in the same day, but it takes more than just a fast acting withdrawal method to make it happen. Payout times vary greatly upon how quickly the sportsbook's staff is able to process and approve a requested player payment.

Perhaps it would be best to think about this in two equal parts...what good is a sportsbook that has fast payment options but takes days just to approve payments, and vice versa? Not much, but thankfully we've taken the liberty of eliminating USA sportsbooks with slow payment approval, or those that don't allow players to get their withdrawal in a timely manner due to lack of delivery options, from our website all together. Withdrawal times are a critical factor in determining whether users are happy with their choice of sportsbook, and how long it takes to get paid should always be considered.

Sportsbook Payout And Withdrawal Fees

Anyone who has been functioning in the world long enough to reach a legal gambling age has certainly learned that in life, unfortunately, one only gets what they pay for. As such, many withdrawal methods come with small fees attached.

While we cannot speak on specific fees since they will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, readers can be assured that the sports betting sites for US players listed on this page go to every possible extent to keep these fees as low as possible. Free payouts are a tough task simply because of the money associated with transferring money across borders and switching out currencies as it does so.

Generally speaking, there is a direct correlation to fees and speed of payouts. When bettors stick with simple methods like checks through the mail, it may take significantly longer to receive a payout, but they will get to keep much more of it once it gets there and they will not have to deal with any third-party processing fees. Still, cash in hand may be a virtue in it of itself, and if a player successfully scored a huge payout betting on a week of NFL action, it may be worth a higher fee to them so that they may pull he money out immediately.

This relationship is exactly why the best online sportsbooks offer a great variety of payout methods. With a lot of options to choose from, each member is sure to find a method that works best for them.

Sportsbook Payout + Withdrawal Limits

In addition to fees that may be accrued based on the speed of the payout, certain payouts may have minimums and maximums that must be met. The best example of this is a bank wire transfer, which must have a significant dollar amount attached in order for a sportsbook to take the trouble to set up this payout method.

It’s hard to touch on specifics for the purpose of this article since this information will vary so much from sportsbook to sportsbook, but generally, with a payout via check being the most popular option, these will have the most generous minimums. Payouts via eWallet, BitCoin or reloadable gift card should carry low minimums as well, while rapid transfer payouts will generally request a little more money in order to process properly.

As always, most online sportsbooks will work with their clients steadily until a satisfactory compromise is found and the member has found an easy and convenient way to receive a payout that is mutually beneficial to both themselves and their online sportsbook.

Best USA Sportsbooks For The Fastest And Easiest Payouts

All online sportsbooks can be trusted right up until it's time to pay. A blacklisted sports betting site can easily put on a front when accepting your money, but unfortunately they all eventually show their true colors when it comes time to pay the player and that is a headache you definitely don't want. Luckily, this hassle can all be avoided by sticking with the recommendations we've provided below, which are the very best USA sportsbooks available. In addition to having numerous ways to quickly send money to players, these websites have a dedicated cashier to ensure there is always an option to get paid...and players ALWAYS get paid!

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When it comes to offering payouts, no sportsbook does it better than Bovada. While they do not offer many options, the options that they do offer are executed to flawless perfection, making other options unnecessary. If a bettor requests a payout via rapid transfer, they will receive it for an incredibly small fee, and they will receive it with minutes of requesting it. An account with this brilliant online sportsbook for US residents means cash in hand, and getting it fast. The most popular method however is receiving a payout via check by courier. There are minimal fees associated with this method, and the processing time even for a check is lightning fast compared to the competition.

The good news for cashing out with Bovada doesn’t end there. As a member, you need not worry about payout fees at all since as often as once a month, Bovada will cover all fees associated with processing a payout. That means as many as 12 times a year, Bovada will cut you a check and send it express by courier at absolutely no cost to you. Little details like this are what keep Bovada in their position as one of the best online sportsbooks on the market.

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If you want access to a sportsbook with options for payouts, you want access to SportsBetting. No sports betting site in the business has as many custom options for cashing out your account as this site does, and you’re sure to find something that works for you. Whether you are a high roller worth setting up a bank wire for or merely a casual bettor who wants to pull out a few dollars at a time, SportsBetting has an option for you.

The even better news? This online sportsbook has mastered the art of the same-day payout. If you are using an eWallet service compatible with the SportsBetting network, you will have the power to move money in and out of your account in the blink of an eye. For those who are financially savvy in the way of the internet, SportsBetting just may be the perfect online sportsbook!

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