Sportsbook Deposits And Funding

When American residents sign up with an online sportsbook for the first time, it’s critical to have some money with which to bet. Remember that these are not bookies from down the block, they are legitimate business operating overseas. Bearing this in mind, these aren't the types of places that let bettors make wagers using credit. This means that in order to place any bets into any legal online sportsbook for USA players, you are going to need to make a deposit.

Unfortunately, USA sportsbook deposits aren't as simple as running through the checkout at Amazon or other major online retail giants. While federal law will not punish you for starting a membership with any of these sportsbooks, laws like the UIGEA prohibit American banks to facilitate transactions between their customers and known offshore gambling companies. This has caused several of them to resort to new and inventive ways to receive funds, as well as a few non-electronic methods which can allow USA players to easily deposit. Although the process of moving money from a bank account to an online sportsbook can be intimidating to a new bettor at first, (especially once getting a glimpse at the lengthy cashier’s page) they should find that with the combination of help from their sportsbook’s customer service team and just a little bit of experience, the process should become quite easy.

This guide to depositing into USA spots betting sites should prepare all readers to be able to quickly and efficiently fund their online betting accounts. If you do not already have a place to wager then our guide can definitely help with recommending a reputable online sportsbook with easy funding options, and even help you understand how the available options work. Our goal is to have you leaving here knowing which ways to deposit actually work for USA players, what's just a waste of time, and to understand the important factors that come into play during the deposit process so let's get started!

Sportsbook Deposit Methods Available To US Players

In addition to offering quality customer service to all members who get hung up on the deposit process, members will find that the best USA online sportsbooks go to great lengths to provide a plethora of options. This both caters to a wide variety of prospective sports bettors, and ensures that each member can find a process that works out well for them. Please take a few moments to review the main ways to fund online sports betting accounts. If you find one you like then we can definitely help you learn more, or show you just those sites which currently accept your preferred deposit option.

Major Credit Cards - Just like any classic online retailers, the best sportsbooks for USA players will usually accept deposits via major credit and debit cards such as those bearing Visa, MasterCard, or even American Express or Discover brands. However, there are a few catches that can make the process slightly more complicated than simply entering the numbers printed on top of the card along with an expiration date because these transactions could be blocked by your bank or whatever bank backs your credit card. Sometimes the only way to really tell if a card will work is to simply go with the trial and error method. There is no harm in trying, but cards that allow overseas transactions with online businesses are more likely to be successful.

When using your bank or credit card to fund your account for the first time, you may be asked for a bit of extra verification via some faxed or scanned in documents to prove you are the actual owner of the card/account. However, the process should be quick and relatively painless, then, once it’s over, users will have the ability to make ultra-quick deposits to their account simply by pushing a button. When it comes to convenience (which is really what doing business via an internet connection is all about) deposits using major credit cards rule the roost with their instant transaction capabilities and flexible limits.

Prepaid Gift Cards - A very safe way for USA players to fund an online sportsbook is to make an investment in a reloadable retail gift card. This is usually the best way to cut down on any interference from the banks and ensure that deposits will be processed in a timely manner. It can also be a good organizational tool for keeping dedicated betting money separate from their bank accounts. There are a range of options available within this sub-niche of deposits. We recommend checking with each individual sportsbook accepting prepaid cards to determine not only which cards are currently taken, but also the deposit limits.

Money Wire Services - Another popular method for funding an online sportsbook, especially for those who do not have a major credit card or would prefer not to use it, is to make a deposit via a cash wire transfer service like Western Union or MoneyGram. When choosing this option, players are able to fund their sportsbooks using physical cash, which for some bettors, is an easier way to manage money set aside for betting, or at least one less trip to the bank. Users will need to contact the sportsbook to get the specific wiring instructions along with the fees and limits associated with the transfer service chosen. These deposits are typically credited to the player's account within one hour and this method is very safe for anyone concerned about transmitting sensitive information over the web...definitely well worth the trouble of putting on pants!

eWallets - For some bettors, the most convenient way to move money around online is via an eWallet, and most sportsbooks for USA citizens should be more than happy to oblige. Although PayPal, the most popular online wallet will probably not be accepted by your betting site, there are others that should be. Electronic wallets are a popular method because the service itself adds its own layer of security between a user’s sensitive financial details and their online sportsbook, or worse, an identity thief! Online wallets are simply a more convenient place for bettors to store funds if they plan on using via multiple online outlets, or plan to receive US sportsbook payouts from USA sportsbooks directly to their online account.

Bank Transfers - A few sports betting sites may still allow users to wire money into their accounts directly via a bank wire. These may be the most difficult to set up initially, but all future deposits should be very easy and quick. Typically only offered by the most trusted sports betting sites, bank wires are generally reserved for the most serious of sports bettors thanks to their high limits, but users may need to get permission from their sportsbook before using one.

Checks / Money Orders - Though waiting several days for a check or money order to be sent through the mail is not very exciting, it is a proven way to get funds into player's accounts. Even though the limits are fairly flexible and deposit fees are low, depending on sportsbook, most use this option as a last resort. However, with proper planning this deposit method can be very convenient, and using a check or money order is also a very reliable add funds.

Sportsbook Deposit Fees

There is one harsh truth in the world that surely everyone of legal age to bet on sports has come to know: nothing is for free.

The process of moving money in between accounts and across borders is cumbersome and can get to be expensive. While the best sportsbooks for US residents will do their absolute best to keep all of these fees to an absolute minimum, each transaction will incur a small fee that will vary all on the sportsbook a bettor has chosen to join, their preferred deposit method, and how much they are going to deposit.

There will usually be a correlation between the convenience of the deposit and the fee attached, for example, credit card deposit fees will usually be the highest, sometimes reaching as much as 5% of the deposit. On the other hand, most sportsbooks will not charge a hefty fee for rapid transfer services, but members must keep in the front of their minds the fact that not only will they be taxed with the extra inconvenience of going to a third party to complete this transaction, they will need to purchase the service as well.

All in all, while the fact these fees exist is certainly an inconvenience, they should only be a small blip in comparison to the winnings each member should be able to bring in. To help make up for deposit fees incurred over the life span of a member’s account, the top rated sportsbooks accepting US players typically offer regular incentive and reward programs to long time customers.

Sportsbook Deposit Limits

Just as moving money across borders and through accounts can become expensive, it can also become time consuming. Often, sportsbooks will impose both minimum and maximums to each deposit methods to ensure that they do not exceed limitations set up by the company moving the money and that they are moving enough money to make it worthwhile.

While specifics will vary a lot based on the sportsbook, credit card deposits will usually have some of the lowest minimum and highest maximum transfer limits. Wire transfers may carry higher minimums, but also higher maximums. Bank wire transfers, on the opposite end of the spectrum from credit cards, may carry very high minimums with no maximums imposed at all.

While all of this information may vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, it’s important to take all of this into account and decide what sort of sports bettor you wish to be before settling on a favored method of funding your account.

Best USA Sportsbooks For The Fastest And Easiest Deposits

Don't know where to go to find the sportsbooks that have the sports you want to bet along with pain-free deposits? Have no fear because we have already dissected each of the best best USA sportsbooks, and both choices we've listed accept numerous USA approved sportsbook deposit methods plus they are already known for being some of the best in the business. You cannot go wrong with either one!

50% up to $250 BONUS

If you’re worried about surviving the deposit process, the best way to work through it is to go with the sportsbook with the best customer service when it comes funding your account. Many US residents choose Bovada over the competition because they make deposits easy. Since they are located in Canada, a quick call to their customer service line will have you on the phone within seconds with a fluent English speaker who can easily walk you through the deposit process. You will not find as many deposit options with Bovada, but know that you are dealing with one of the most secure and reputable online sportsbooks on the market, and that you’re deposit will go through painlessly and quickly.

The best part about depositing with Bovada the first time is the welcome bonus. As a special “thank you” for choosing Bovada as your sportsbook, you will be awarded a full 50% of your initial deposit back in the form of bonus money. Using this bonus, a new member can score up to $250, a fantastic deal any way you look at it!

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If you want to ensure that your new sportsbook will have a deposit method that works for you, you go to BetOnline. A quick visit to the cashier page at this rapidly growing online sportsbook will tell you all you need to know – BetOnline has different deposit options growing out of its ears. Whether you want to load up your account with a credit card, an eWallet, or anywhere in between this US sports betting site has you covered.

It would also behoove you not to fall asleep on their deposit bonus. When you deposit into BetOnline, you receive 25% of your deposit back in bonus money all the way up to $1000. The best part? This is not some run-of-the-mill sign up bonus, as a BetOnline member, you will be eligible to collect on this for life. That’s right, as long as you hold a BetOnline account, you can rack in bonus money just for depositing. Don’t miss out, check with BetOnline today!

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