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Finding the best USA sportsbooks just got alot easier for you now that you found our website here at Sports betting in the USA goes back over 100 years and is bigger right now than ever before. With the invention of the internet almost 20 years ago, millions more people have the ability to place a bet on sports. Although the laws are a little bit confusing, there are plenty of ways to bet if you sign up at one of the online sportsbooks that accept U.S. players. The fact is that they are located offshore and you are not breaking any laws by placing a bet with them. This website is here to help our visitors find the best USA online sportsbooks so that the only thing they need to worry about is spending their winnings.

Throughout our website, you will find all of the information needed when researching the best online sportsbooks for US players. We have done a ton of research and we know that the websites we promote are worthy of being called the best. We do not list any site that does not have a solid reputation among US citizens. The USA sportsbooks we reccomend have been online for at least 5 years and they have plenty of ways to pay players that live in the United States.

Take some time and look through all of the USA sportsbooks that we list on this website. Some are better at some things then others, but they are all great in their own way and for their own reasons. Make sure that you compare things like deposit options, payout vmethods, betting limits, bonuses, and anything else that is important to you.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players

Although there is more than 25 online sportsbooks that accept U.S.A. players, most of them are garbage and will rip you off as fast as they can. The ones that we have listed here are the same ones that our friends and family have bet at for years and we know that they can be trusted. You will find that these US sportsbooks accept players from all 50 states and they all cater to the USA market, making deposits and withdrawals fast and easy. On top of that, these websites provide some of the best sportsbook bonuses to USA players including some that go up to 100%.

So, take your time and read each of the reviews for our list of the best USA sportsbooks and pick one out that fits all of your needs. No matter which one you choose, you should be more then happy with what each sportsbook has to offer. Here is our list of the best USA online sportsbooks for 2016.

50% up to $250 BONUS

Most websites that havea list of the best online sportsbooks for US players have Bovada listed as #1, and we are no different. This spoirtsbook has been taking bets from US players for more then a decade and they have done so without any issues. They have great sportsbook bonuses, an easy to use layout, tons of betting odds, and early betting lines. Overall, this is as good as online sports betting in the USA gets and we are certain that you will enjoy this sportsbook.

Does Bovada accept U.S. Players from all 50 states?

Bovada sportsbook accepts US players from 46 out of the 50 states. The only states that are banned are Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada. All other US players are welcome to sign up for an account and start betting on sports with one of the most trusted names in the business.

  • THE Top-Rated Sports Betting Site!
  • Fast Payouts
  • Secure, Stable Platform
  • 100% First Deposit Bonus
50% up to $1k BONUS
Any US Resident Can Play! thrives on the fact that they are one of the best US online sportsbooks that accept US players. This sportsbook has been featured on sites such as ESPN and is considered to be one of the most trusted US sportsbooks online. They offer a 50% match bonus when you sign up (good for up to $500 when using bonus code "SB50") and they make sure that all financial transactions are secure and easy to complete. Overall, we feel like all U.S. residents will be glad that they picked out this sportsbook.

Does accept U.S. players from all 50 states? takes US residents from all 50 states and they always have. In fact, this sportsbook caters to US players and their sportsbook is set up to make Americans happy.

  • The Most Deposit and Withdrawal Options
  • Huge 75% Bonus up to $1,000
  • Accepting Bitcoin and LiteCoin Crypto Currencies
  • International Players Welcome
50% up to $1k BONUS
Accepts All US Players

BetOnline is also among the most trusted sportsbooks for USA players. For more then a decade they have accepted Americans and have catered to the US market. They have betting odds for every single sporting event that goes on in the United States and abroad. Players will get big sportsbook bonuses of 50% on each deposit and they will find that making a deposit is extremely easy.

Does BetOnline accept U.S. players from all 50 states?

BetOnline has been accepting U.S. players since the very beginning and they accept them from all 50 states. You will find plenty of US deposit methods and payout options along with big sportsbook bonuses.

  • Enormous 50% Bonus up to $2,500
  • Easy Deposit and Payout Options
  • Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals
  • International Players Welcome

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Online Sports Betting Guide For USA Players - How To Get Started

The truth is that betting at the best USA sportsbooks work alot like Vegas sportsbooks, accept you are the one responsible for clicking on your bet. All you have to do to get started is sign up at one of the US bookmakers that we have listed. Then you have to make a deposit using either a credit card, bank wire, or one of their other options. It is also a good idea to send in your credit card verification form at the same time that way you can cash out without any delays. After you make a deposit, you just need to go to the sportsbook betting page and start placing bets.

That is really all there is to betting on sports online. As long as you are betting at one of the trusted betting sites, it should really be hassle free. If you have any issues signing up at one of the sites we list, just contact their support and they will walk you through it.

Making Deposits And Cashing Out Winnings At The Best US Sportsbooks

The most important part of thes best USA online sportsbooks is the financial side of it. Making deposits at some places can be tricky and sometimes a little frusturating when your credit card gets declined. The truth of it is that all you can do is try. Most of the USA sportsbooks we list have great processing and they are able to credit cards to go through over 95% of the time. If you can not get a credit card to go through, you can use other options such as bank wires, western uniion, prepaid credit cards, Bitcoin, and more. If you are having trouble with your credit card, do not give up. Just contact support and they will find an easy way to fund your account.

Sportsbook payout times for players that live in the USA are alot better now then they have ever been. Players that live in the United States can cash out several different ways including western union, bank wires, Bitcoin, and checks. We suggest using checks when available and we also reccomend that you pay the extra fee to get it sent via courier (ups or Fed Ex) if that is an option. US residents are getting paid within 2-7 days at all of the sports betting sites that we list.

What We Look For When Researching The Best USA Online Sportsbooks

Since we have been dealing with USA welcome sportsbooks for more then a decade, we know all the ins and outs and know exactly what to look for when trying to come up with a list of the best. The things that we focus on the most are deposit options, payout methods, sportsbook bonuses, support, ease of use, betting limits, betting odds available, and a whole bunch more. While each sportsbook that we list may not be perfect in every area, they are good and we trust every site we list with our own money every single week. We have no problem putting our money on the line at these trusted U.S. sportsbooks and that is why we feel so good reccomending them to our visitors.

Benefits Of Betting On Sports Online In The U.S. vs Betting In Vegas

Most people do not believe us when we tell you that it is better to bet on sports online then it is in Vegas. I will start by asking you if you have ever got a 50% bonus just for walking in the door in a Vegas sportsbook? Of course you haven't. Well all US online sportsbooks that exist offers players some kind of deposit bonus when they first sign up, most of which are 50%. That means that your bankroll is a hell of alot higher right off the bat.

Another advantage that USA sportsbooks have is the fact that you can move the betting linse sever points in almost every game. This means that if team A is favored by 9, you can move the betting line down to -7 if you are willing to pay a little more juice. This may not seem like much, but this will make you alot of money if it is used correctly.

Some other advantages that USA sports betting sites have are live betting, the ability to bet from your couch, more betting types, better payouts, and a whole lot more. To put it simply, we can tell you that many professional sports bettors that live in Vegas now bet at online sportsbooks because of the many perks that they offer.

Is Sports Betting Legal In The USA - More Importantly, Is My Money Safe?

The fact is that a ton of people send us emails asking us "is sports betting legal in the USA?". We would like to take a minute to clear up any misconceptions you may have about online sportsbooks accepting US players. The reason that some online sportsbooks are able to accept US players is because they are located offshore. This means that they do not have to follow any US laws and they can run an online sportsbook as long as it is regulated where they are located.

The main reason it is legal for US residents to bet on sports is because there are no laws or regulations that make it illegal for you to place a bet because the sportsbook is located offshore. The only laws that exist are all about wiring money for sports betting, and that is not what you are doing. You are placing a bet and cashing in when you win.

On top of all that, if you try to find a report of somebody being arrested for sports betting online in the USA, you will not find a single one. The only people that get arrested are the ones that are dumb enough to actually run an online sportsbook on US soiil, meaning that the business is based in the United States. You can not own and operate a USA online sportsbook if you live in the USA, but you can sure as heck bet at one.

States That Have Legal Sports Betting Available

First of all, you can sign up at at least 2-3 online sportsbooks no matter which state you live in. But, there are only a couple of states that have legal sports betting unless you do it online. The only place that you can really go into a land based sportsbook and make a bet is Nevada. However, Delaware recently passed a few new laws and you are finally starting to see some sportsbooks pop up. The other states that could pass laws if they really tried are are New Jersey, Montana, Oregon.

The reason that there are not many states that have legal sports betting is because of laws like the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This is a stupid law that was intended to stop sports betting everywhere accept for Las Vegas and a few other spots. However, they did not count on USA online sportsbooks getting this big and the law does not really cover online sports betting.

So, the overall answer to the question is that online sports betting is legal in all 50 states and that there are only 2 states that offer legal land based sports betting. Unless you want to fly to Vegas just to place a bet, we suggest you take a look at our list of the best USA online sportsbooks and bet from the comfort of your couch.

Future Regulation Of USA Online Sportsbooks

Believe it or not, there is a good chance that sports betting will be 100% legal in the United states within the next 5-10 years. Companies like the NFL and NBA are quickly changing their stance on sports betting and that is all that really needs to happen for regulations to get passed. The fact is that the NFL or the NBA would not be near as popular if it were not for sports betting, and they are starting to realize that. They know that making sports betting legal would do nothing but make their sports better and they have the money and power to make it happen.

Over the past couple of years, there has been several politicians that have tried to come up with a way to regulate sports betting, with little success.

Final Thoughts About Finding The Best USA Online Sportsbooks

In closing, we just want to stress a couple of things, including the need to do your research before selecting a sports betting website. While you do not need to overthink things, you do need to make sure that the US sportsbook that you choose is trusted and will work for you. As long as you choose one that we listed above, you do not have to worry about the trust factor. Just worry about finding one that has a layout that you like, bonuses that you want, and whatever else is important to you. At the end of the day, they all offer the same betting odds and it is really just a choice of which one pays the fastest, which has the best layout, which ones are legal, and which are the best USA sportsbooks for you.

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