BetOnline Sportsbook Review - US Players Welcome

Bovada Sports Betting SiteBetOnline is a leading online sportsbook that allows players to sign in, pick an event and place real-money wagers. Not only does BetOnline sport one of the sleekest designs of any legal online sportsbook for US players, but it is one of the most user friendly you can find.

While Internet sports betting may seem like a viable activity, it is often difficult for beginners to get started. This is why we created this page to answer any and all questions you may have about betting legalities, the types of bets you can make, and BetOnline as a whole. Read on through the rest of our comprehensive BetOnline sports betting review for more info!

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BetOnline Basics
BetOnline Website:
BetOnline Location: Panama City, Panama
Where is BetOnline Legal? All US States
Currencies Accepted: USD, Bitcoin, LiteCoin
BetOnline Customer Service:
BetOnline Telephone: 1-888-426-3661
Facts For U.S. Players About BetOnline
  • BetOnline accepts USA players From all 50 States With No Restrictions
  • BetOnline is one of the fastest Growing sportsbooks in the world!!!
  • New Sports Bettors get a 25% bonus on their first deposit up to $1,000
  • BetOnline has a Online poker room and online casino That Players Can Use Once They Have An Account
Frequently Asked Questions U.S. Players Have About BetOnline Sportsbook

Because Internet sports betting is so new, it’s important for amateur and veteran sports bettors alike to have a basic understanding of how BetOnline works. This is even more true for US players since the legalities of sports betting are not exactly clear. We have done our best to make this review easy to use by listing some of the most important stuff right at the top for you. Here are some common questions that always get asked by players about Betonline.

1. Does BetOnline allow USA players?

Although some sports betting websites will not accept US players, BetOnline is thankfully not one of them. The sportsbook at BetOnline has been serving US citizens for almost ten years, and they have become quite good at it as well.

2. Is BetOnline legal to bet at?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, there are no federal laws that outlaw the simple act of betting on sports. While it is illegal to FACILITATE sports betting within the United States, this does not apply to mere bettors, and since BetOnline operates in Antigua, they are not subject to these laws.

3. Will I Get In Trouble if I sign up for an account at BetOnline?

Absolutely not. Since there are no laws to prohibit sports betting, it is impossible to be prosecuted for merely taking part in it. The truth is that more then 100,000 US players signed up for an account here last year and that number is expected to more then double in the coming years. Overall, this is one of the best online sportsbooks that accept US players and also one of the safest.

4. How old do I need to be to bet at BetOnline?

Although BetOnline will accept any players over the age of 18, some state laws require residents to be over 21 to bet on sports. We highly recommend learning and following your state’s rules when it comes to sports betting. BetOnline will not be held accountable for any legal penalties incurred through underage sports betting.

How Players Can Access BetOnline Sportsbook

This amazing sports betting platform exists, but how do we access it? Below you will find information for using the site from various platforms.

PC & Apple Browsers and Devices - BetOnline is playable on Windows and Apple machines. Although all browsers have the ability to browse the BetOnline site, we recommend viewing the site with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It is also encouraged to download the BetOnline client for easier betting.

Mobile Access on BetOnline - BetOnline Mobile is one of the most popular sports betting apps out there. For starters, players can access the mobile platform on almost any device (phones, tablets, etc.). It is a browser-based interface, too, which means you do not need to download BetOnline Mobile.

Call in Wagering – For those who still prefer to do their betting with a human being, BetOnline offers call-in wagering by contacting their facilities.

BetOnline Registration - How To Sign Up At BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline Sports Betting SiteOnce a customer makes the decision to go with BetOnline, the sign-up process is as easy as pie, and should be over within a couple minutes. The decision to sign up with BetOnline and the act of betting on sports need only be separated by a couple minutes.

On BetOnline's homepage, visitors will find a “Join Now” button next to the login panel. This takes you to a page that requests some very basic personal information, account details (your new username and password), and contact info. Once you submit the initial data, you will be required to verify your information. Check your email junk folder just in case.

Finally, you will be ready to make a deposit into your account and start betting. See our “Deposits” section below for more information. 

Sports To Bet On At BetOnline - Betting Odds For Everything You Can Imagine

BetOnline is an all-in-one sports bettor’s paradise. The site’s sportsbook features the country’s most popular sports leagues as well as world-wide matches. Depending on the season, baseball, basketball and football are by far the favorites.

You can also bet on golf lines and special events, too, like the Olympics. Members of BetOnline should always keep tabs on the sportsbook as there will usually be betting lines open not only for popular upcoming sports events, but important cultural events such as elections or even entertainment awards.

The greatest sin a betting site can commit is forgetting that, in addition to being legal, legitimate, and convenient, that a sportsbook should be a lot of fun. Luckily, BetOnline really takes this principal to heart.

BetOnline Betting Odds - Find Differenty Types Of Bets From Parlays to Futures

The sportsbook at BetOnline features some of the most comprehensive game lines as well as the most customizable betting options in the entire industry, whether the sportsbook is online or land based. In this section, we will attempt to give you just a taste of all that awaits members of this fast-growing sports betting community.

Betting Lines

A game or money line is typical for sportsbooks. On BetOnline, the money line is represented in American odds, though you can swap these to traditional if you prefer. Put simply, teams are given a number. Let’s take football as an example, where the Packers are fixed at +130 and the Rams have a -110. This means the Rams are the favorite to win (designated by the minus sign).

If the Rams win, the payout is based on how much you bet and the game line. Because the Rams are the favorites, you would have to bet $110 to win $100 whereas Packers bettors (if they won, that is) would only have to bet $100 to win $130.

If the odds are fractionalized, the +130 would become 13/10 and the -110 becomes 11/10, meaning the Rams have a lower payout because of higher odds. It’s essential to understand betting lines because props and other types of wagers use them to signify payouts and odds.

Of course, players at BetOnline also have the option to bet against the spread. This will be a different betting line altogether, with the key difference being that instead of adjusting the payout to make a bet on the underdog more appealing, betting against the spread handicaps the game itself meaning that a bet on either team will achieve close to a one-to-one payout.

Continuing with the above example, the Packers, as the underdog, will be given a positive spread of +3. When the game is over, three points will be added to their final score. If, after adding the points to the final score of the game Green Bay is actually ahead, a bet on them would be a winner even if they lost the game outright.

The spread can be read in the same way from the favorite (it would be listed as -3 on St. Louis’s line) but it is important to note that you will not be both adding AND subtracting from the same final score.


There are player props and team props, both of which are based on special conditions. A common baseball prop is whether or not a player at bat will get an RBI or runs. Props also extend into who wins a coin toss, which team will score first, how many homeruns a specific player will hit, and so on.

These props are represented by betting lines (plus and minus). Typically, these numbers vary much more than a simple win-loss bet. You can find active prop bet by clicking “Futures & Props” on the left-hand side of the sportsbook page on BetOnline.


A future is similar to these other betting systems except that it is a long-term bet. One good example is picking which NFL team will win the Super Bowl, even though the season may not have started. Odds are given based on various factors, of course, and they change rampantly as teams progress through the season. Other future bets include which team will win the World Series or NL Pennant.

Wager Types

The best part of being a member of this online sportsbook is the customization available for all bets. Whether a player wants to bet the game line, the spread, props, or anything else related to a game, it’s all up for grabs. In addition, members have the ability to turn any bets into parlays, round robins or teasers. With BetOnline, bettors have the freedom to customize their risk-to-payout ratio however they see fit. Whether you prefer to win in small increments with safe bets, risk a little for a huge gain in parlay bets that are unlikely to hit but will offer a large payout or anything in between, all options are open for business.

Live Wagering at BetOnline - Bet As The Game Goes On

Live wagering is one of the main reasons sports bettors use websites to place wagers. To start with, you will have to decide which sport and match you are going to bet on. When the event is live, you need to pay attention to the action and skim through BetOnline’s sportsbook for live wagering opportunities.

Because of how unpredictable sports matches are, live wagering options vary based on how a game is going. Some common live wagers may be which NBA player scores the next point, if the next basket is a three-pointer, and so on. They are incredibly fun to bet on, especially if you pay close attention to how specific players are performing.

BetOnline Sports Betting Site

Depositing into BetOnline - How Will You Make Your Deposit?

Depositing funds on BetOnline is A) Essential to place a wager and B) Incredibly easy. BetOnline has a banking page with a list of acceptable formats, several of which we will discuss in the next section. For now, know that almost any form of payment you want to use is acceptable on BetOnline.

The site does require verification details, of course, to protect you from identity theft and, alternatively, to prove your identity and age. For credit card users, you will have to send photocopied IDs, credit cards, and bank statements (for address confirmation) to the account specialists.

BetOnline Deposit Methods

The most common deposit methods to use on BetOnline are major credit cards such as Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. As mentioned, you will have to send along verification information (for your own protection!) the first time, but after that, credit card deposits will be easy, effective, and lightning fast.

For users who do not wish to use their credit card, BetOnline accepts various alternative forms of payments. This includes Person to Person (cash wire transfers), eWallets, sportsbook to sportsbook transfers, bank wire transfers, money orders, or even a good old paper check through snail mail. These payment methods have their own rules and deposit limits, which is why it is important for you to do your research beforehand.

BetOnline Payouts - Cashing Out Your Money At BetOnline Is Fast And Easy

Guess what? Collecting your winnings and cashing money out from your BetOnline account is just as easy as making a deposit. Once in the cashier, users are just a few easy steps away from being able to select which payout method works best for their current needs. Below we will discuss the primary sportsbook withdrawal methods for USA players that are available to BetOnline account holders.

Payout Methods

Through your account, you can select “Withdrawal” to begin the process. Keep in mind that these payout systems have minimums anywhere between $50 and $500 to make it more efficient.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive a payout to your credit card. This being the case, most bettors opt to have a check delivered to them through mail or courier service, but there are other, faster options available.

It is possible to receive a payout via a bank wire transfer, money order, or eWallet service. It’s important to note that minimal fees will be applied to every withdrawal, and that there is usually a correlation between the speed of the payout and the percentage of the fee.

BetOnline Sportsbook Bonuses & Promotions

One major draw of betting online are all of the promotions sites like BetOnline offer players. The first one that most will be eligible for is the unmatched sign-up bonus. Upon making their first deposit, new players will be eligible to receive 25% of it so long as you enter the promo code “FIRST” to redeem the funds. This bonus funds are for extra plays (up to $1,000) which gives you chance to boost your bankroll.

The best part about this bonus is that it is not a mere sign-up bonus. BetOnline members are eligible to collect this bonus for life. As long as you maintain a good standing account with the sportsbook, you can receive 25% of your deposits back in the form of bonus money.

BetOnline’s sportsbook also gives great incentives for trying their exciting new features like $25 in free play to those who live bet for the first time, $50 for betting on mobile, and other opportunities like dime lines for major sporting events.

Redeeming Your Bonuses At BetOnline

If you use a bonus code, bonuses will be credited to your account as free play within 24 hours. It is important to note that bonuses do not mean “free money.” Instead, they are funds you are allowed to bet with and win back over a period of time.

Typically, you have to bet a certain amount over the bonus in order for it to become withdraw-ready cash. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of any promotion beforehand.

BetOnline Sports Betting Site

Overall Thoughts of BetOnline Sportsbook - One Of The Best USA Sportsbooks!!!

Between its sleek sportsbook, promotions and reputation, BetOnline Sportsbook is one of the best USA Sportsbooks out there. It is always adding live betting events and wager types, too, to keep up the excitement. They frequently offer betting lines on major weekly sports like football before other books, and they have some of the most generous wager limits to accommodate all levels of bettors.

In addition, BetOnline has a reliable reputation and is always available to answer any questions players may have. Overall, it is one of the top-tier betting sites open to U.S. players. Thanks for reading our Betonline sportsbook review. We hope that you have found everything that you needed to know about this sportsbook.

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